AU: 3.0
Programme: NIE

Fundamentals and techniques of singing. Study of the basic technique, repertoire and function of the vocal mechanism. Attendance is a vital part in which there is continuous assessments. Students are required to attend and pass an audition.


Contrary to popular misconceptions, this module is not all about singing. Yes, you can choose to sing for your assignment but you can also choose to say a speech! Because ultimately the aim of this course is to improve your voice usage, and not to train you to be a professional singer.

This elective comprises of 3 assessments – the first requires you to say a 2-minute speech (can be an extract from a book, or a poetry or anything that you can find on the internet), the second can be any 5-minute item (speech or song) of your choice and the finally, a 15-minute video of you doing the McClosky’s Voice Techniques (which you’d read about in the course).

Speech and singing assignments are presented in front of the entire class (about 40 people) and the prof. The prof would record your assignments using a video recorder. All assignments under AAI385 voice are individual.

there is an "audition" this mod. but basically is just a briefing for students on the introduction of the course. didnt see any audition of singing

Class size is around 20 people. can be considered pretty small class on average. I think this class really has a lot of vocal practices in a day. I was not a very confident speaker but at the end of the day i was more confident after the practices.