AU: 3.0
Programme: NIE

Aims to strengthen and enhance both the student teachers' natural voice and their use of the voice in various working contexts, particularly that of the school classroom. Uses established approaches to develop physical and personal awareness, a feeling for the dynamics of language, and understanding of basic theory of physiology and voice production. Attendance is a vital part in which there is continuous assessments. Lessons start on week 2 of the semester. Rehearsal Room at The Nanyang Playhouse


The class was at NY Playhouse which is near the carpark. There were breathing exercises (which included running around the classroom) and speech practices. It was quite fun, minus all the running.

the assignments for AAU280 are individual. Just try to pronounce your words slowly and accurately, speak with confidence, and you are good to go

U will learn how to breathe properly also cos alignment affects the way u speak. If u are a person who is super good at presentation, can consider taking. Lots of poetry and prose.