AU: 3.0
Programme: ACC

"Green Marketing" examines the role played by marketing in business sustainability and explores the influences and issues confronting marketing strategy decisions and actions on the marketing environment. The course is designed in two main parts. The first part, comprising 7 seminars, explores theoretical frameworks and concepts that underpin the notion of corporate environmentalism. It focuses on sustainability issues related to the various aspects of business management, such as business policy and strategy design from both an economic and environmental perspective. To provide a good understanding of the business context of sustainability, this first part will begin by exploring its development and regulatory contexts at the global level. It will then be followed by an in-depth examination of the impact of environmental sustainability at industry and firm levels, exploring its influence on industry business practices, corporate strategies and management policies. The second part, comprising the remaining 6 seminars, discusses some of the contemporary marketing thoughts in environmentalism, social responsibility and marketing ethics. It further examines the issues involved in green marketing mix decision-making and strategy implementation. To achieve this end, students will first be introduced to the various meanings and challenges of Green Marketing. They will then be exposed to existing empirical studies in green consumerism. This will be followed by in-depth discussions of the issues faced by marketers in the design and implementation of the green marketing. For instance, green product issues concerning R&D, packaging, labeling and certification will be examined. Other green marketing mix issues included are greenwashing and green retailing, etc.


do a quick google search on "AB0501 GREEN MARKETING" and you will see a string of homemade 5 minutes long youtube videos. Grades are apparently awarded by the view count of the videos. If you take this mod, be prepared to spend significant time making the video for project.