AU: 4.0
Programme: ACC

This course introduces students to accounting as a process of measuring and disclosing information that facilitates economic decisions made by external decision makers. Students will learn how the quality of such information could be affected by various factors. Some of the concepts covered in AA101 such as strategy, business processes, agency theory and information risk will be revisited here. The course will explain the need for a conceptual framework followed by discussion of the elements of financial statements. The conceptual issues relating to the recognition and measurement of each element in the financial statements will be examined, followed by discussion of the related accounting standards. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with a strong conceptual and technical knowledge in the recognition and measurement of the elements of the financial statements and will also be able to prepare a set of financial statements, and appreciate how accounting plays a role in measuring and disclosing information that facilitates the control of an organization?s processes and improves the economic decisions made by organizational agents and stakeholders.


there must be a strong reason if anyone is going to consider taking this as a UE... as a NBS core, accounting II content and work load is so much i would feel it is two modules worth of studying. the mid terms for accounting II is so close to the final exam (like 2-3 weeks before finals), that it feels like mid terms is "finals part one".

this is one reason why NBS degree is 3 years instead of 4 years. More stuff are "cramped" into the 3 years.. Accounting II is one of those modules that have alot of content cramped into one module.

won't recommend this to take as a UE unless you have passion for accounting or really want to know more about the subject (this module would give a pretty solid basic for accounting: reading statements, writing and reading notes to financial statements, etc).