AU: 3.0
Programme: ACC

In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, a key ability for a successful manager is to use a knowledge-based framework to analyse and make decisions. This course introduces students to the basic statistical and quantitative models for making informed management decisions. It focuses on understanding the principles and developing problem- solving skills. The use of computer-based solution tools will be emphasised throughout the course. Students will be expected to structure business problems as decision models, solve models using the relevant software and interpret the computer-generated solutions to address key issues. Computer exercises, cases, examples drawn from accounting, marketing, finance, operations management and other management functions will be widely used in the course.


as an NBS core, one of the highest failure rate core modules. one reason being that the exam really test your understanding of the concepts. questions are varied and is it set such that its near impossible to "memorize steps from PYP questions". you need to understand in order to score.

Considered one of the toughest modules in year one NBS. Many students find difficulty understanding the professors' slang or method of teaching

Although I got an A for Statistics in Polytechnic, this module is still considered quite a killer especially for those who have no sense of numbers. I got a few friends who got D for this module. Hence, my suggestion would be to continuously practice. Do all the tutorials and even attempt the other questions in the textbook, it will help a lot.

Either you get it or you dont. Somehow different from A-level stats. Try to do well in the quizzes. Exam cannot score one. well at least for me. Lectures can be viewed from home if you want. Anyway, may be difficult to understand some of the lecturers. Need to spend some time deciphering what he is talking about.