AU: 3.0
Programme: ACC

The aim of this course is to instill a keen understanding and appreciation of the legal aspects of business. This course will provide an understanding of legal methodology and the main principles of law relating to business transactions. The course will also demonstrate how commercial law and business practices inter-relate and often influence each other in shaping modern commerce and industry. In particular, key legal topics will be explained and illustrated from a business perspective.


IIRC, this course uses the same book as AB1301 so you can borrow from friends in NBS. This course gives you an insight of how law works and basically how you argue your point when given a situation. The lecturers will give you the gist of business law every week while the tutors teaches you how to use preccedents (previous cases) to argue your point. For every senario, there will be steps as to how to answer the questions and using the final verdict of preccedents to substantiate your argument. This is an open book module and a very heavy content module. I would not suggest you to take this module if you have no interest. I spent at least two hours outside of classroom to read the Law book and do my tutorial questions.