AU: 4.0
Programme: BUS

In today's global and digital business environment, Enterprise Systems are major investments for many organizations. They form the backbone of organizations? business processes and hold the key to unlock strategic information assets within the firms. A good understanding of the role of enterprise systems is thus crucial in running today?s business operations. This course is designed to provide an overview to enterprise systems, primarily covering the range of embedded ?best practice? business processes (e.g., order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, production planning and execution, accounting) and the related managerial issues in assessing, project managing, configuring, and managing the radical change consequential to the implementation of enterprise systems. Our objective is to develop an application consulting perspective among the students to maximize the full potentials of enterprise systems. The course places a dual emphasis on both conceptual learning (through student-led presentations and business case discussions) and practical exposures (through heavy hands-on lab on SAP) to enterprise systems. Students should acquire a sound entry-level grounding in the ERP software, for them to work towards an industry accredited SAP TERP10 certification if they are interested.