AU: 4.0
Programme: BUS

This course aims to assist students to explore from strategic, organizational, and technical perspectives the critical issues surrounding network and data infrastructure design, analysis and management. The course is comprised of three main components - strategic, organizational and technical. The strategic component of the course deals with current ideas in strategic planning and aims to expose students to concepts from strategic studies and how they apply to network and data planning. Specifically, we are interested to study how traditional strategic thinking e.g., Porter's five forces and more recent strategic ideas of new competition and hyper competition relates to use of technologies in designing networked enterprises. Next, we focus on the technical component i.e., the physical view of the networked enterprise. We take an extensive look at the range of infrastructure including LAN, WAN, Mobile, Internet, as well as data centers that support and enable modern networked enterprises. We round up the coursework by looking at the organizational issues surrounding networked enterprises, viz., coordination and integration designs. While these three components are dealt separately, the goal of the course is to enable participants to appreciate how these strategic, technical and organizational issues are intertwined in the design of networked enterprises. As such, students are expected to work through a group project to map strategic and organizational requirements to network design and planning. Industry presentations and/or visits are also planned to bring alive the integrated nature of these issues.