AU: 3.0
Programme: BIE(CBE)

Tissue Engineering Part: Definitions of Tissue Engineering, Engineered Tissue, Engineered Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine; Therapeutic Cells Delivery and Settlement for Tissue Engineering; Tissue Engineering Scaffolding with Functional Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering Strategy with Developmental Biology; Engineered/Native Tissue Integration; and Model/Clinical Applications and Evaluations of Engineered Tissues. Gene Therapy Part: Definitions of Gene Therapy and Genetic Therapeutics; Related Criteria, Standards, R&D Regulations and Ethics; Gene Delivery: Viral and Non-Viral Vectors; Therapeutic and Regenerative Remedies by Transfer of Genes and Antisense; and Applications and Application Perspectives of Gene Therapy.


Hello, can I ask what is the exam format like?

I took this module in AY2014/2015 S2.

For finals, there were MCQs, Short Answer and Essay Questions.

Tissue Engineering and Gene Therapy was divided, and each section was taught a different lecturer. Gene Therapy section had a quiz before recess week (but I can't remember its format) while the Tissue Engineering section had a short essay assignment that was due towards the last week of lectures.

Didn't rate it because while I thought Gene Therapy section was good and informative, I can't say the same for the Tissue Engineering section. The pros and cons kinda cancels out each other, heh.