AU: 4.0
Programme: BUS

This course builds on principles covered in AC 208 - Company Law. The focus is on key corporate law issues surrounding securities regulation, corporate finance and restructuring with particular emphasis on listed companies. We will be exploring some issues covered in the Company Law course in greater depth and will also be looking at additional matters surrounding how companies operate in the context of the capital markets, focusing on corporate fund-raising, securities offerings and takeovers and mergers. Accounting and business professionals working in sectors like audit, corporate advisory and administration, corporate finance, banking and finance, investment banking and venture capital are likely to encounter issues covered in the course. Key Learning Objectives (1) To understand how the company may be used as a fund-raising vehicle. (2) To understand the legal issues associated with, and the law relevant to corporate fundraising activity with the focus on equity funding. (3) To understand the legal and regulatory framework and environment surrounding the securities industry and markets vis-a-vis corporate securities. (4) To understand the legal issues and regulatory framework surrounding corporate restructuring and takeovers.