AU: 4.0
Programme: BUS

Nature of retailing. Types of retailing institutions. Consumer behaviour and decision making. Shopping strategies. Evaluation of stores. Retail strategy. Financial strategy. Merchandising planning and control. Inventory methods. Retail buying. Pricing. Merchandise handling. Retail promotion and advertising. Personal selling. The store: Location,Appearance, Display. Retail research. Human resource management. Franchising.


Compared to other business modules, I would consider this very relaxed for 4 AUs. The course content is quite little, overall the course gives you an overview and appreciation of how retail businesses operate. Our project involves improving on a current retail business - for my semester it was working on improving the self check out counters - in terms of marketing, usability, etc. All in all quite an enjoyable class

Took this in 13/14 s2. We had two field trips, one at the Robinsons store at orchard and the other at 313 somerset... really interesting as the Robinsons one we had floor managers explain to us their thought process in arranging the products, floor space, etc. For 313 somerset, one of the architects that designed 313 somerset gave us a lecture on how they came up with the design to maximise retail effectiveness... kudos to the prof for getting such speakers to add insights and making the mod interesting