AU: 4.0
Programme: BUS

The primary theme of the course is that service organizations require a distinctive approach to marketing strategy, both in its development and execution. A second theme of the course focuses on the role of service in manufacturing businesses. This course will suggest ways that firms in the manufactured goods sector might use 'service' as a primary source of competitive advantage. The design and delivery of services depends on the close coordination between marketing, operations management, information technology and human resources. As a result, an effective strategy to market services must be interdisciplinary in nature. The seminars adopt an active-learning approach so that the student can discover, develop and transform knowledge which he/she can retain for further processing and reconstructionin the future. Activities consist of interactive lectures, discussions and presentations and out-of-classroom group projects. The primary aim of these activities is to help the student better understand the concepts, theories and tools learnt and relate themto the real world.