AU: 3.0
Programme: BS

This course introduces cell biology at a basic level. 1. Compartmentalization of cellular function in organelles 2. Transport between organelles 3. Cytoskeleton and its role transport


The module which killed me with a few stabs this semester.
The first stab happened when I scored really really badly for mid terms to the extent that I was so depressed and wanted to just retake it next year.After weighing the pros and cons, I decided after that to just live with it, accept it and worked harder for the remaining %. Reason being it was a prerequisite for almost all my year two modules. Cannot be I waste another 1 year =$8k just because of this module. I hate the lab report for this module. I will never forget the countless nights I stayed up till 5am to try to finish typing the 21 page lab report as fast as possible from the tedious and long 5 3h long lab sessions. The result of that caused ugly pimples the next day. I realised the week after mid terms that it could be due to my wrong studying method. From then, I began to study with a new studying method and it seemed to work because somehow I can start to link the different chapters and remember things but it came too late and there was not enough time left till exams. And what I really hated about this module is that the prof dun really know how to organise his notes. Its all over the place. A bit here and there. Not only that, so many things to memorise: 70-80 slides per lecture. Really feel like death studying all at one go for exams. Exam paper was ok with of course many tricky mcq questions and its open ended questions are weird. I admit I did'nt really go through the tutorial questions to prepare my mid terms which resulted in the poor score. I am really sure if I have a second chance I will do so much better. At least I know what went wrong which resulted in the poor score so that I can do so much better for part two next sem. Despite the poor score, I never regretted not exempting this module as like I said got part 2. Have a taste of part 1 first so part 2 will be better. Hate the lecturer cos he dun reply to any emails at all. Not even one. Like seriously.