AU: 3.0
Programme: BS

Topics covered will be pairwise and multiple sequence alignment, searching for homologous sequences, phylogenetic analysis, searching for protein coding regions, predicting elementary protein structure, clustering 3D molecular structures and protein-protein interaction. Practical Perl computer language is introduced. Biostatistics part will cover descriptive statistics, data summary using statistical indices and diagrams, probability and probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis-testing, basic tests of significance involving means, proportions, measurement of relationships between variables using correlation and regression and non-parametrics methods. Course work consists of lectures, and extensive computer practices.


I love the lecturer for Biostatistics. Really the first lecturer I will praise him for being so clear. Though he is from china, which normally have bad reputation for speaking fast and unclear but he will keep repeating the concepts every lesson which makes it really clear and precise. He is very nice also and helpful. I really love studying Biostatistics to the extent that I really thought of switching to a maths major. Most likely, I will continue to take part 2 of this mod next year. So in love with Z test, T test, Null and Alternative Hypothesis. The exam was a breeze for me. I can answer almost all the questions of cos except some weird ones. Its the mod that I have ample preparation in. Result of it was above average. I think I lost marks in not memorising the amino acids by hard which resulted in some questions not able to answer. Have a nervous breakdown the previous day studying the mod before the actual exams as I started only at 2pm and resulted in me so stress....But glad, I managed to finish everything by 2am that night. Initially was abit unhappy cos NTU dun let me exempt this module and insisted I have to take it cos I score B+ in poly for Bioinformatics. It turned out to be so much easier than my poly module. A blessing in disguise. I probably died in the bell curve as it is a really relatively ok module.