AU: 3.0
Programme: BUS

The objective of this course is to expose non-accounting and non-business students to the environment of accounting and its role in providing information for useful decision making by various stakeholders of business organizations. By the end of the course, students should be able to appreciate the role, scope and value of information for managing business organizations towards achieving their goals. Students will learn fundamental concepts and techniques in financial and managerial accounting through solving business problems. In this course, students are treated to an understanding of a broad range of the underlying accounting concepts without the need to be involved in too much detail associated with the processes. Whilst non-accounting and non-business students need not have to prepare detailed financial statements, it would be beneficial for them to be able to understand, interpret, analyze and use them. Topics covered include ? the role of accounting in business; the accounting cycle; understanding, interpretation and analysis of financial statements; and the application of accounting tools for strategic planning and control in a business organization.


This is a very heavy content modulus. If you do not have any piror knowledge in business, pls do not take it. You will suffer anot. Alot of terms to understand and concepts are quite different to apply. For me, I am struggling. Maybe i was too busy with my CCA. But the notes were not sufficient enough. I have to read every single chapter and this is very tedious. Of course, reading the textbook is important for this modulus. You will need the textbook because the tutorial questions were ask from the tb. Only the question number given. Thus it will be a good investment to own a tb. I have prior knowledge on business finance. Thus it is not that difficult compared to those taking it the 1st time. I would suggest u to take biz fin 1st then accounting. Its not really worth the 3AUS. You can borrow the tb from the business library behind lt19a and you can buy pyp solution from cee bookshop. There are 2 parts to accounting. 1st part is financial accounting where you learn, b/s, income statement, cash flow, current assest fixed asset, bank reconciliation etc. The second part is financial management. Its like making decision from the point of a manager. This part is more of logic. So this is easier. MCQ for accounting are relatively straight forward. Some maybe tricky. One 1 hard about accounting is sometimes, you do not know how to classify this item as fix cost or variable cost, current or quick asset. This is the part i hate about accounting. Alot of people SU.

Just a heads up, if you have no biz knowledge and have nver took up accting, this is a heavy subject. Do not take. Personally, although i have biz fin knowledge, i still find this mod too much content to absorb. Avoid it if you do not know anything about it.

Those with PoA background would be at an advantage. If you like maths, this subject would not be that difficult for you. This is the module that i spent the most time on. Doing tutorials and extra questions. Since this course is an elective, but core for MS students, you'll be competing with students from other courses. This also means that there is bell curve moderation (got good got bad).

Tips: Read up before lectures, be attentive during lectures. Read up textbook after lectures and do every tutorials (Must Do!). Ask questions during seminar if you dont understand.