AU: 3.0
Programme: BUS

The aim of this course is to provide a good understanding of the main principles of law affecting business. As an introductory course, it will cover the key principles and issues. The course will start with an introduction of the basic concepts and definitions relating to the law and the legal system in Singapore before focusing on several important areas of law: contract law, agency law, the law in relation to business organizations in Singapore and the law of tort.


A 1.5hr lecture and a 1.5hr seminar weekly. Seminar attendance taken. The 20% CA consists of a tutorial presentation, and that's about it! The rest is just class participation. The finals is a 2.5h, open-book exam.

If you are a person who dislike maths, don't wanna take BU8201 like the others, wanna clear Business PE or just want to have an open book exam, then this mod is for you! This module doesn't require memorising, since the exam is open book, but you will have to know how to apply the case laws and application. I find them rather applicable in real life, such as laws in purchasing items, and signing contracts which most of us will encounter in the future. Some basic knowledge is not bad. :)

The difficult part comes when you have to write. Sometimes, there are quite a lot of alternatives for a particular scenario, and you will have to judge which one is more applicable. For example, if a shopkeeper doesn't state the exemption clause explicitly, then can one claim damages? It will be good to have your own side notes, so that tough decisions like these can become clearer in future. :D

The presentation, 5 minutes per person, on a tutorial. The tutorial which you get is by luck, so pray hard you get an interesting one. The seminar is pretty standard, a short summary of the topic, a presentation by 1 of the groups, and some past exam questions to try to wrap up the day. Well, be prepared for the seminars, you never know when he is going to ask you random questions about the topic, so hmm...

As stated, the finals is open-book, 2.5 hours. The paper is very rushed! If you haven't study or you are not familiar with the concepts, chances are you will be flipping your way through the notes, sometimes the textbook, and your own handwritten notes if you have even made some. There's just simply not enough time to flip too much stuff, so be sure about the concepts to save time!

So why did I S/U? Well, actually that's because I chose to S/U any business module I take, since all these business stuff is none of my business. =P This is how I studied for this course, with a S/U mindset of course. Every week, read the readings stated at the end of the lecture slides (textbook), set 1.5 hours aside to the tutorial, go for the seminar. Repeat this process for the weeks in the semester. Before finals, try 1 paper for the feel of how is it like in the actual day. Then, do the paper during the finals. You realise that there is no part stating "revise, make your own notes and print the tutorial presentation slides". That's for me, I feel that constant revision beats last minute revision, not that it's impossible of course. But, if you have more time in the finals period to study for your other cores, why not? :)

The lecturer is Mr.Ram(?), and I can say his lectures are rather interesting, at least more interesting than the maths modules. ~.~