AU: 3.0
Programme: BUS

Practical Ethics' is a course for students who want to make sense of the idea of right and wrong in a commonsense and practical way that relates to the world we live in (especially in the business context) that is informed by a firm introduction to the main ideas of some of the most important ethical theories. The first half of the course is an introduction to the elements of ethical reasoning and the main branches of ethical theories and some of their chief modern proponents. This lays the groundwork for the second half: which will critically apply these concepts thus examined to a consideration of the role of law and ethics in some of the paradigmatic issues and situations in three areas which confront businesses and people in all fields of practical endeavour today, under the headings: Profit, People, Planet. These may include: corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (profit), employment equality and child labour (people), international business and public corruption, and environmental sustainability (planet). The seminars will be structured around problems (hypothethical and real) and possibly a few video clips for discussions which are intended to be interesting and engaging whilst providing the context for a serious inquiry into the issues. Leaders of all kinds, especially those of businesses, are expected in today?s world to be sensitive to ethical dimensions of our reality. This course aims to provide the foundation for such ethical understanding and thinking. The assessment will be based entirely on coursework: participation, presentation, and a written assignment. There are no prerequisites for the course.


Very, very interesting module for someone that likes debating. No right answer, just how much u can fluff your way through. Lots of class participation.