AU: 3.0
Programme: BUS

This course is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the current law for the protection of electronic information and electronic content as forms of property. Conversely this course also looks at the potential liability for misuse of information and the publication of detrimental information. The use of electronic communications and new media (such as social media, blogs, wikis, interactive web-pages and video sharing ? where the users are now generating content) continues to challenge the how the law deals with trademarks and brands embodying reputation and copyright of works of art, multimedia, databases, music and authored works. This course aims to provide students with a good grounding in IP law and how far they can be used to protect the interest of electronic property. The other main focus is on the regulation of electronic information and communication ? or new media. The knowledge-based economy is underpinned by laws which protect information assets and private information, shapes transactions and provides security for the various interests of parties to electronic transactions. This course is designed to give an appreciation of the relationship between law and technology as well as how businesses must work within the rules affecting the knowledge-based economy. The approaches to the subject will be both practical and critical.