AU: 3.0
Programme: CHEM(SPS)

The first part of the course covers more advanced topics in quantum mechanics (QM) and is an extension of the topics already covered in CBC314. QM is a major pillar in modern physical sciences and this course aims to provide to the students a rigorous foundation of quantum mechanics. Topics covered will be geared towards the application of QM to areas of chemical interest such as spectroscopy. These topics include ? Postulates of QM ? Quantum theory of angular momentum ? Perturbation theories ? Time dependent Schrodinger equation The second part of the course is an introduction to statistical thermodynamics. We will show how macroscopic thermodynamic properties of matter can be derived from the microscopic quantum mechanical properties of atoms and molecules by applying the principles of statistical thermodynamics. Topics that will be covered include ? Boltzmann distribution law and partition functions ? Derivation of thermodynamic parameters ? Thermodynamics of molecules, chemical equilibrium, and rate constants