AU: 3.0
Programme: CHEM(SPS)

Discussion of Chemistry in the context of selected current or potential socio-technological problems. Chemistry is central to a better understanding of our world. The issues selected, the facts and principles presented, and the habits of mind developed serve as a guide on how to live responsibly into the future.


This is a pass fail course! People from CBC would not have much problem with this course as the chemistry knowledge is very basic. They just got to read a bit on the reading item given by the prof and they can easily score. Too bad this is a pass fail for them.

the most relaxing course i've had in my entire life. wish there could be more like this....

exam format: mostly mcq, a few short answer questions
attention requirement: very low
content: very similar to A levels chemistry. don't take if you have never taken A levels H2 chem, you'd be disadvantaged.
pre exam craze: minimal. just do some past year papers.
lectures: 3 hr lecture, recorded. i came for the lectures cos i didn't think i could sit through a 3 h vid lecture. i slept a lot during lectures, as most of it was taught before in JC.
CA: is a mid term mcq test only. study the past year papers and you are prepared.

Please dont take this mod. Regretted and going to drop it as the lecturer change the assessment criteria this semester. There will be heavy component of group work and weekly individual test.