AU: 3.0
Programme: CHEM(SPS)

The history of chemistry, both practical and theoretical, from ancient civilisations (Egypt, Greece, China) via Arabia and Medieval Europe to the modern science of chemistry, including the development of the chemical industry.


I took this course in year 2013/2014 semester 2. I took this course because i got no elective to take and i wanted to save up my SU. After searching i found this course and it is a pass/fail course.

I learnt about how chemistry came about. It goes through the key event of the chemistry world such as the France revolution all the way to Karlsruhe Congress. You will learnt about many key figures that gave birth to the chemistry we know now. I gained knowledge of some basic modern chemistry which would be similar to your high school chemistry.

There would be E-Learning week and it was about 2 videos that were actually tested in the test and exam.

The CA was carried out in the LT via the projector and every question would be flash for about a minute. The final examination was held exam hall during exam period.

I attended all the lectures and i don't even have to study for the test and exam. The prof was very interesting and the course was very enjoyable for me. The lesson was more of like story telling by the prof than boring lectures. I suggest everyone to take this course as it is a pass/fail course and it is very difficult to fail. You don't really need any prior chemistry knowledge. This is more of a history lesson.