AU: 3.0
Programme: CS

In a nutshell, the course is mainly lecture-based which introduces methods and tools for students to better understand the context of the many challenges in creating meaningful and holistic solutions in economic, social and online experiences. When working in groups, peer evaluations are expected where every member has been assigned with specified tasks. Good studentship such as active participation in offering suggestions, constructive comments as well as timely completion of projects is expected.


This course seeks to orient students to the full spectrum of human experience through which the different dimensions of our environment affect us in sensorial, retail, style, travel and cultural dimensions. The course is both a reflective and hands-on approach to design which recognises that there is always an experience created by a product, service, event, environment and people. These interacting elements play a part in contributing to our overall experience. As a result, whether we intend to or not, our perception about a product, service or brand becomes impacted.