AU: 3.0
Programme: CS

This course is designed as an introduction to the field of communication studies for non-SCI students. It offers an overview of fundamental communication principles and practices applicable to many careers. The course provides a historical survey of theoretical and practical responses to communication problems arising from changing social contexts and technological developments.


I took this to clear my AHSS PE. The reason I took this was because I read the review somewhere else saying this was an easy elective to score. Well, this is not my type. My first non- 100% final mcq elective. There is a lot of memory work for 50% of the final are essay type. The remaining 30% are MCQ – 30 MCQ and remaining 20% - 20 fill in the blanks. There are a lot of terms to memorise and I don’t like it. Need to learn spelling etc. Totally not my type. Decided to SU it even though I did average for the mid term quiz. When I went lectures, I went with my friends but I went there to do my cores ‘tutorial. Why? Because the lecturer always likes to give a surprise quiz so as to mark your attendance. Every week w/o fail. There was once he gave 2 quiz in a single lecture and we didn’t know his plan. So we left after the first quiz. When you are suay, **** happens. The attendance contribute 10% I think to the overall. I didn’t study til one day before the exam. Its quite risky and I was lucky. Went to the exam hall and started throwing smoke, smoking my way through – if you understand what I meant. If you wan to score well, your language have to be good. But my friends did well. Most of my friends got A- and B+. Can score is can score, but if it is not suitable for you, no point.

I took this as AHSS PE too in AY 2013-2014 Sem 2. It is difficult to understand the lecturer. I recommend getting the textbook from your seniors. Reading the textbook really helps. After reading you can summarise it for mid-term as it is closed book. Mid-terms is easy if you studied and memorised.. It consists of MCQ, fill in the blanks and essays. Final exams also similar format but open book. Do attend every lecture as there are attendance points through clicker questions and if you help the lecturer with role-plays, you can get more points too. I got A- because I skipped a few lessons. All the best.