AU: 3.0
Programme: CS

This course aims to introduce students to the critical analysis of global fiction films through the study of film history, film form and film theory. The course will expose students to a wide range of international fiction films through the screening of significant films, the discussion of the major episodes of film history, an exploration of film genres and an overview of important film trends. Students will be introduced to significant global cinemas and film genres with the goal of examining films critically within the wider institutional, economic and cultural contexts of production and reception.


You will learn the transition of film coming from Hollywood all the way to Bollywood. This course is very tough and you have to memorise a lot of stuff. The definition qns in finals come from the recommended book.

This course is really tough and only take it if you have interest in it. Do not pon lectures as the essay writing comes from the scenes in the films shown in the lectures. There is no recorded lecture.