AU: 4.0
Programme: CSC(CE)

Basic concepts: structures, services, shell user view vs. system calls, evolution of operating systems. Process management: notion of process and its states, interrupts and context switch, threads vs. processes, interprocess communication and synchronisation, deadlocks, scheduling. Memory management: storage organisations, storage placement strategies, VM implementation, page replacement algorithms. I/O systems: device-independent interface, disk, clock, and terminals drivers, disk scheduling policies. File systems: file system structure, file management, file allocation, file reliability. Security and protection: specific and general protection schemes, access control list, capabilities, encryption. Case Study on Unix and Windows NT.


Very detailed lecture notes, Dr. He Bingsheng is able to deliver lectures in a clear manner. The labs/example-classes are done using C on nachos 3.4 developed by UC Berkeley in the 1990s on Linux. The labs help somewhat to understand threads and semaphore.