AU: 3.0
Programme: CSC(CE)

Overview of basic concepts of pervasive networks: Internet architecture and protocols, traffic management, mobility management Internet applications and protocols: HTTP and SMTP, network management architecture and protocols (e.g., SNMP), peer-to-peer services and protocols, multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) protocols, IPv6, IP Multicasting architecture and protocols Mobile IP for Internet: Mobile IP functions (i.e., agent discovery, registration, tunnelling), solutions for triangular routing, banging update, handoff in Mobile IP Multimedia networking: multimedia applications, voice-over-IP, session protocols (e.g., SIP and H.323), real-time streaming protocol (RTSP), real-time protocol (RTP) and real-time protocol (RTCP) Quality of service (QoS) for Internet: best effort service, integrated service, differentiated service Traffic management techniques: Introduction to traffic management, connection admission control, traffic shaping and policing, and scheduling Network design: network design principle, switched network design, IP network design, wireless network design