AU: 4.0
Programme: ADM

This course will focus on the developments in the visual arts in China from the end of the imperial period during the late nineteenth century to the present day and will relate them to broader changes in Chinese culture. It will look at the ways in which visual material forms and contexts art, as well as the social roles of its makers and audiences. The course will study how these change over this period and will also focus on a broad range of visual materials from painting in the `traditional? and `western? formats, through to performance and installation art; to graphics, photography and craft work. As an upper-level seminar class, this course aims to engage students in the process of research and interpretation both textual and visual, through lectures, discussions, presentations and the execution of a research paper. Students are reminded that ADM rules on attendance and plagiarism are in operation within all ADM courses as laid out in the ADM Student handbook