AU: 3.0
Programme: ADM

Technology is not just a thing that an artist uses. It actively shapes the form and function of the art, and in doing so affects the way that we see the world around us. We are now in an age when technology is able to claim more of a purchase upon the visual realm and the things that it can do can seem almost beyond belief; from the visual pyrotechnics of films like lord of the rings through the digital manipulations evident on to the generated wonders of finding nemo. The worlds of cinematography and photography have been the most affected by this change and anyone who practices in these fields would benefit greatly from knowing more about the relevant technologies. Similarly, anyone who studies computer graphics or computer vision would benefit from a knowledge of the centuries-old art traditions that inform current practice. Students are reminded that ADM rules on attendance and plagiarism are in operation within all ADM courses as laid out in the ADM Student handbook


I'm not sure which prof is conducting this now but this module was dry but also the easiest A I've ever gotten.

You just have to actively participate in discussions, submit weekly questions for class sharing and do a final presentation of your choice thats related to this module.

The jizz is just to appreciate the evolution of art and how technology was embedded itself into it. You should be able to describe instances, be it in the pass or now, of how technology has affected our perspective/form/creation of art.
It can be digital gaming, 3D film, abstract or contemporary art, media etc etc

Worth a shot for an A.