AU: 3.0
Programme: ADM

This course will introduce to the students the principles of black and white photography. They will learn all aspects of a traditional wet darkroom such as development, printmaking and proper use of chemicals. Lectures, demonstrations, critiques and hands-on practice will clarify techniques, while encouraging creative approaches to making photographic images. There will be slide lectures to introduce students to photographers of historical relevance. Assignments and projects will allow students to explore content, make aesthetic choices and learn how to better articulate their ideas through the medium of photography. Students are reminded that ADM rules on attendance and plagiarism are in operation within all ADM courses as laid out in the ADM Student handbook


This is a basic black & white photography course. You will be shooting with 35mm B&W film on manual cameras. The school only loans out cameras so you need to pay for your own film and paper (for printing). They don't come cheap. One roll of film (36 frames) costs $5 - $7 and a pack of RC paper (100 sheets) costs about $48 whereas a pack of FB paper (100 sheets) costs $98.

Basically you will be doing traditional darkroom development. Unfortunately, this is something where you cannot do "last minute" and it is very time-consuming. It will take you the very least 30 minutes to develop a roll of film and ~1 hour to print a proper photo (that is the bare minimal). I have friends who spent 12 hours straight at the darkroom just to print ONE photo. Think about this carefully. Come here only if you're really interested in photography.