AU: 3.0
Programme: EEE

Specifically the course is designed to: 1. Provide a basic understanding of financial concepts as they are applied to the personal finance. 2. Help students develop a working knowledge of and ability to apply financial analysis to make personal financial decisions. 3. Help students understand the influence of financial decisions on their future financial health.


No midterms course. There are 2 group projects, the integrated case study and the investment game, both lasting for more than a month. There is also a personal reflection, but I have no impression of doing it, except for a very small one on the discussion forums...

The course content is actually very related to our everyday lives, even though it is not really evident now. More on retirement planning, investments, have better financial planning, taxes, etc. That sounds just like the kind of things my parents would have to know, so taking this course is a good way to understand these schemes. :) It's possible to study the content through government website FAQ sections, and that sorts of cover about half the course on wealth guarding and giving.

The course does not have much difficulty in it. However, I chose to S/U the course because I have simply no interest in stocks and investments. This becomes a obstacle when doing the investment game project. Thankfully, my group members are awesome, and they know a lot about stocks. In contrast, I tried to do the case study all by myself, which I find it a good way to understand financial planning. :)

If you study and really understand the content, it's possible to get full marks for the exam. Well, I didn't study much for the paper, and so I won't do well for the paper. =/ Oh well! There is plenty of time to do the paper though. 25MCQ, 3 structured (short ones). Many people left the exam hall before 1h30mins. This is one of the exams which I could really relax and do. =P

If you are interested in managing your personal finance, the government schemes or just want to know a bit about investments and trading, take this course! The prof said need to buy the book, I think that's for background reading.

I feel that the course is kind of useful for someone with totally no finance knowledge as it introduces topics like asset classes and what to do with your money etc(investing, insurance). The lack of recorded lectures is a bit of a negative. The exam paper had 2 sections, first part consisted of 3 questions, written answers, kind of like essay writing. 2nd part is mcq.