AU: 3.0
Programme: EEE

Specifically the course is designed to: Understand the fundamental ideas of Positive Psychology - and how these ideas can radically change the way we relate to ourselves and others Increase the "positivity ratio" as a means toward higher levels of creativity, motivation, health, and overall success - in individuals, groups, and organizations Use a variety of scientifically proven techniques from within the Positive Psychology toolbox that can lead to lasting change rather than a temporary high Practice the art and science of effective communication - how to present ideas, with authenticity, to individuals and groups Understand the key drivers of healthy and happy interpersonal relationships, and learn how to apply this understanding to one's own and others' relationships Practice and learn a variety of mind-body techniques that help enhance physical and mental health


if you are interested to learn about topics like gratitude, resilience, broad and build theory, flow, positive traits etc etc feel free to sign up for the course! It is not a bad course but I feel it did not make me a happier individual, plus, the 50% assignment part is just too much effort.