AU: 3.0
Programme: EEE

Introduction to Cyber Crimes and Security Issues in a Cyber-environment. System Perspectives of Information Security: Issues and Solution Approaches. Concepts for Secrecy, Integrity and Availability. Security Solutions and Models. Security Planning & Management. Security Cases and Technology Trends.


Final exam was really easy. Completed in 30min for a 2hr paper. The only downside of this course is that you need to find good members for the project section. Ample time are given to complete the project

Final paper is a breeze
50% assignment is the challenge. Choose a good topic and good team mates. If not, tank majority of the assignment and be as evil as you can during peer :)
Hands down on of the best modules to take

I decided to join this course because its kind of interesting to know potential virus that can attack our laptops and smartphones. Initially I find the course interesting. However as the course proceed, it gets tougher. Oh gawd. And it is very dry. You will learn about threats exist in internet, network security, learn about encryption. I have not even mention about the exams. You need to really memorise plenty. Like alot.

Just take it because you have interest, like seriously. I studied last minute and got B+ so should be okay for those who dont mind getting that grades.

If you compare this to ee8092, I will definitely advise you to take on ee8092 instead. ee8084 has 1 project work of 4-5 members that has a weightage of 50%. This project will make or break your marks, as the exams are just for you to vomit out concepts again. However, the exam requires simple mathematical calculations too. But thankfully, the formulas are provided in a separate sheet of paper during the examinations. The group work is quite fun as you can make new friends, and do research on a technological topic that is relevant in today’s society. Yes yes, it will take up a lot of time, but it is quite fulfilling especially if you have enthusiastic group members… That said, the exams questions are not straightforward, and you will need to do some interpretation, double/triple reading, before you can understand the question.

It would be an interesting module if you have interest in Virus, hacking, information security, etc.

struggled with whether to s/u cos I know very well the 50% project is gone case one cos my group members are all strangers. Actually s/ued.. But I go and change fate and took the long route to not su this module eventually. And I regret to the max. Next time must trust first instinct. Got a bit of shock from the exam questions cos there is no pyp to practice on. Super tricky and all case by case questions. The paper was ok generally but I know I got pulled down by project... zzzz.. should have sticked to the s/u. cos it pulled down my grades instead of helping me...And this module is quite bad cos u have to s/u first then hand up the project. For my group, only one of us s/ued and he is the one who does the collation. So, naturally, u know the quality wun be good ald. And there is this member of my group who went to hospital suddenly and dropped out. Quite jialat my group. Seriously, if project can't make it, Just S/U w/o thinking ald. The most impt person in the group s/u, its advisable that u pls do the same. Dun end up like me. Damn lol! Pull down my grades till quite jialat leh :X

cyber security covers basic stuff like virus,worms, preventive measures, user policies, the different online payment methods, different encryption standards and a few others.

it's passable i think. but the mcq exam is very nerve wrecking because the answers are kinda similar, and the question is kinda vague

exam all mcq. i think 50% project, 50% exam.

notes is not difficult to understand cause i'm from EEE.

but it's alot of memory work.

but your inferring skills must be damn good i suppose. give you an example: in the notes, worms can replicate by itself, but doesnt do much damage. trojans/virus normally from email, but can access the email contacts and forward messages to everyone in the contacts.

in the exam, a scenario is given that there's a malicious software that replicates itself, and it managed to access the email contacts and forward some sensitive emails to everyone in the contact list.

have to choose which is the malicious software, but all of the malicious softwares are listed as a choice. a few other questions will ask for the preventive measures against the particular malicious software. so if you interpret wrongly at the start, then can prepare to get the next few questions wrong already.

if u have interest in geeky stuff this module is chop above B+... the exam format is mcq and open end, of which mcq is dead giveaway and open end is write essay. I only read through the notes before the exam and most of it i answered based on own knowledge and "xian"ing abilities...