AU: 3.0
Programme: EEE

Home Entertainment Systems and Game Consoles. Digital Audio Systems. Digital Cameras and Video Camcorders. Personal Computers. Mobile Phones and PDA.


Didnt attend a single lecture physically (just watched lecture recording online at home). I do not have any IT background, and found the content manageable and interesting. While it is true that what is taught covers several topics but merely scrapes the surface of each, overall I feel there is still quite a lot to remember. Profs also tend to like to test really detailed things in the mid terms/ exams, so dont go into the course thinking you can just flip flip and hope to guess your way through if you have close to zero background knowledge to begin with. (unless of course you have a fantastic memory, which i dont haha) I s/u ed the mod in the end due to 2 reasons: 1) Decided to focus more on my cores, hence I only studied a few days before each mid term (2 mid terms accounting for 50% of total grade). 2) If you hope to score a good grade, you MUST be prepared to put in time to memorize the content (I have no background in IT, so it is like starting from scratch). The profs release the whole cohorts mid term results, and many many many people will score close to full marks. (i.e. potentially brutal bell curve)

i can say it is quite easy to score for Digital lifestyle. Most of the questions that came out are common sense. For example, questions like "which of the following are not game consoles?". I would say the best part of this course is all mcq, no written answer. Most of my friends left the examination hall 1hr after the paper start.

I took this course because of all the assessments are in MCQ format which I believe easy to score. However I found out that this course is very tough and content based. You got to really memorise a lot of stuff and must have interest in IT. There is no tutorial in this course and all the papers are closed book.

If you really have interest in IT then I recommend you guys to take. Plus if you are the kind of student who like to memorise, I would also recommend this course. However if you are not the kind of students that I mentioned then I dont recommend this course.

Personally I believe if you diy your own computers, the first part of the module is damn easy. Also, they cover on game consoles which I also quite keen and have the required knowledge in it. The 2nd part of the module they cover on cameras and handphone, wimax, wifi, etc. I find the camera section difficult because I never deal with it. The exam qn for the cameras for too difficult for me to handle and I forfeited it. The part on handphones and the wireless communication is very very technical, but then again, wifi, wimax, bluetooth is something you often hear about, and you use it if you are a techie person. I don't see much issue in this module except for the camera part.

For me, I feel that this course is a must-take course if you have knowledge about mobile phones, GSM networks, PDAs, smartphones, desktop computers, laptop computers, properties of sound, sound file formats (mp3, etc), a little physics, and hopefully, a brain full of memory storage capacities. HAHA. But please dun be scared. The course is seriously not that hard. MCQs for the 2 quizzes, and MCQs + (not so) short answer questions for the 50%-weighted exams. :) However, if you do not have background in these topics, pls be prepared to utilise more memory space in your brain as some questions require simple regurgitation of concepts. No maths problems were given during my time that is. The quizzes are simple, but please do not be over-confident. Read the lecture notes thoroughly and do not get tricked by the confusing phrasal qualities of the questions.