AU: 3.0
Programme: SPS

This course introduces the climate system and climate change. 1. The state of the climate system based on understanding of physics and chemistry. 2. Past, present and future climate. 3. Human impact on the climate system and climate change


In this course i learnt mainly about the atmosphere. The 4 layers of earth atmosphere. You will learn the harm that our earth is suffering from due to our daily activities. Carbon cycle, Pre industrial climate, Global warming and many more.

I loved this course a lot cause i loved geography related stuff. I studied once a week for this course as the content was heavy, I got an A for this course.

A little tip: Study at night after every lesson. You will at least get a B+ i believe if you do this. You don't need super good memory. The prof questions are not really about memorising the textbook but rather understanding his lecture.