AU: 3.0
Programme: ENG

C Programming for an Engineering Career. Introduction to Computers. C Language Fundamentals. Flow of Control. Functions and Libraries. Large Program Development. Arrays, Strings and Pointers. Basic File Processing. Further Topics.


What is termed to be the nemesis of most Common Engineering students, this course is actually not as bad as what some idiotic CEE seniors made it out to be. It's all about C programming (why don't they just call it C programming?). Yes, programming may sound scary for most, but seriously, thanks to those CEE seniors, the lecturers have began to mark more and more leniently. In fact, even if you can't come up with the exact syntax, and begin to write pseudocode, as long as the structure is correct, you'll get a B+. That's how lenient it is. Not easy to fail, unless you really choose to believe those CEE seniors and completely give up on this subject even before you begin. Tip is to think of how things in daily life works, using all the basic C programming statements. Quite fun to think about it actually. For those that do casual programming before, you can consider this subject a free A+ for you