AU: 3.0
Programme: CHIN(HSS)

This course mainly focuses on films produced by Chinese communities living in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. The geographical demarcation also marks the different cultural and social contexts in which the films are made and marketed at. The films selected for cultural appreciation in the course not only represent the major cultural developments and trends they have contributed to world cinema but also the intellectual meanings and emotional impact they play among Chinese and non-Chinese audiences. By exploring different varieties of Chinese cinemas, students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the societies in which they originate from and the inner and cross-cultural dialogues that preside within. [This course is conducted in English].


relaxing course to take. every week just go there watch movie and listen to the lecturer. Conducted in english. (there's another module code for chinese)usually the lecturer will discuss about the movie screened last week, then he will screen the next movie.

note: don't talk while he is explaining, but talk if he ask for class participation, else if he will become and sit there diao u all till u all become quiet. overall quite a nice guy, will crack jokes now and then.
movies shown are usually from old to recent. comes with english subtitles. got some RA and even one show totally banned in sg for promoting alternate lifestyle. (and that's actually the best show in the lot IMO)

Got one written essay to be done during the recess week. (quite easy, it's on one of the subject portrayed in the movie). then exams is choose dunno four or five essays out of seven or eight essays. (forgot liao)

I SU-ed the module, so dunno how much I should have get. but i find the exam quite easy. juz talk cok only can liao.

below is the list of movies that they screened:

Goddess. Dir. Wu Yonggang. 1934.
One-Armed Swordsman. Dir. Chang Che. 1967.
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan Dir. Chu Yuan. 1972.
Formula 17. Dir. Chen Yin Jung. 2004.
Judou. Dir. Zhang Yimou. 1989.
City of Sadness. Dir. Hou Hsiao Hsien. 1989.
Days of Being Wild. Dir. Wong Kar Wai. 1991.
The Wayward Cloud. Dir. Tsai Ming Liang. 2005.
Comrades, Almost a Love Story. Dir. Peter Chan. 1996. (dont rem watching this one, i think they switched to 15 by Royston Tan)