AU: 3.0
Programme: ECON(HSS)

Part I: The Exchange Rate System Reform since 2005: Macroeconomic conditions and debate before the reform, transitional and medium-term designs of the reform, supplementary measures, the actual reform and the market response. Part II: China?s Latest Macroeconomic Issues and Policies: Impact of capital inflows and the related policy measures, China?s foreign reserves and external trade: some misconceptions and their policy implications, China?s stock market bubble and lessons from her strategy of gradual bubble squeezing, China?s property inflation and its solution, general price inflation in 2007 and global and domestic economic slowdown in 2008-10. Part III: Conclusions, Outlooks and Lessons: The chance of a successful or failed exchange rate system in China, lessons to other economies on exchange rate system reform, banking reform, asset inflation and economic crises, China?s experience as case evidences to economic theories and debates, severe global asset inflation and huge exchange rate cycles during the recovery period.