AU: 3.0
Programme: ECON(HSS)

Introduction. Demand and supply. Marginal reasoning and profit maximuzation. Market structure. Externality. Introduction to Macroeconomics. Keynesian Cross Model. Money, banking and financial Institutions. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Open economy. International trade.


If you have taken Economics during JC, most terms and concepts should be familiar with you.(I forgot all that I learnt during JC after NS :P) I got an average score for Midterms, studied properly only after recess week, left 10 marks blank during Finals and got A-.

Therefore for those who took H2 Economics, this is a chance you do not want to waste. For people who do not have any background in Economics, following my advice in the comments will net you a B+ at least.

2hrs Lect 1hr Tut. You will be able to score if you have econs background. More than 70% of what is taught have been taught in JC. Exams used to be in a mixture of MCQs and Open Ended Questions but it is now all Open Ended IIRC. Doing PYP is essential in doing well and do email lecturer when you have any questions. He is more than willing to help.