AU: 3.0
Programme: LMS(HSS)

This course will start by introducing and discussing the notions of `discourse' and `discourse analysis', after which the long-standing debate on difference between speech and writing will be examined. Given the importance of writing and written communication in the contemporary world, writing will be elaborated upon as a topic worthy of scientific enquiry, particularly with reference to different technologies and media, both `old' and `new'. One week will be devoted to an overview of different scripts and writing systems around the world, and examination how (and why) they can (and should) be studied as important semiotic resources for meaning-making and textual production. We will then move on to review and assess different types of written discourse and different ways to analyze them. After each of these segments, students will be expected to work on relevant assignments in order to get hands-on experience with working with written discourse. Finally, we will address some of the practicalities of analyzing written discourse and examine a number of examples of how written discourse analysis can be used by non linguists whose primary research questions are not about language and language use.