AU: 3.0
Programme: LMS(HSS)

This course provides an introduction to the scientific study of human languages. This is also referred to as Linguistics. The course answers fundamental questions such as these: How does language work? How does language shape our thoughts and behaviour? Do men and women speak differently? Can language be used to solve crimes? The study of human language is divided into several areas which include language sounds and patterns, the relationship between words, sentence structure and word meaning. This linguistic knowledge is then applied in various disciplines ranging from psychology and sociology to education and computer science.


This is my most appreciated module of this year. The lectures are interesting. There was one time we had an comedian came in did a live show, another had a demonstrator for sign-language, and one more showed a documentary of code-switching in multilingual community, and many more were with shorter videos interleaved. The lecturer was able to deliver clear lecture contents and reference textbook was helpful in clearing up should one requires more information.

HG8001 is an introductory course to linguistics. last year it was taught by Dr Joanna Sio, no recorded lecture. Being an engineering student myself, I found it okay, quite informative, and not difficult to understand. I didnít buy the textbook, but did referred to the textbook for revision of those terminologies. I didnít S/U the module, got an A. Hope this helps you

CAs 40 MCQs, finals 20 MCQs and short ans
(for 2014)

easy paper to S/U so bell curve may be against you instead if you choose not to, revising takes a few hours only