AU: 3.0
Programme: HIST(HSS)

Asia-Pacific in Global History: From 1800 examines major themes which inform the study of world history following the start of the 19th century, particularly in two related areas: trade and migration against the backdrop of colonialism, imperialism and nationbuilding. The study of global history from an Asia-Pacific perspective looks at the history of globalization which is not strictly defined in economic terms, but is informed by themes, such as migration, environment, imperialism, biological exchange, etc. Even though the year chosen is 1800, the foundation for changes which marked China and Asia`s entry into the global economic system was laid in the middle of the 18th century. In particular, one can point to the institution of the Canton system established by the Chinese government to facilitate foreign trade, but which had various unforeseen economic, social, and political repercussions. Through 13 weeks of lectures, students will not only examine various themes such as migration, diaspora, colonialism, nationalism, and trade which relate generally to global historical studies, but they will also participate in current debates pertaining to the issues of global economic crises and climate change.