AU: 3.0
Programme: ELH(HSS)

This course explores romance in literature and other art forms through a sociological lens. In order to examine this, we will be considering texts of various media, including poetry, short stories, drama, film, opera and television and examining them alongside the sociology of love and capitalism.


i found this to be a really interesting class. we watched movies and do readings and do interpretations on them for assignments and exams. the prof is really nice too

took this in 13/14 sem 1. It was semi open book exam. brought in the hunger games story book into the exam hall... did 2 essay questions. One on hunger games, the other is on a particular episode on the BBC Sherlock series - 'A Scandal in Belgravia'. Overall not too difficult, just writing your opinions on the movie/book and answering the question.

Main assessment was project (individual) and final exam. Had several quiz during lecture but not huge weightage. the project i did was on romeo and juliet. had to read the book and write something like a 5 page essay answering a particular question.. tons of resources online for a book like romeo and juliet.. just take insights, twist and turn it into your own insights and voila!