AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

This course will provide an introductory overview to the field of biological psychology. Course content will begin by explaining what biological psychology is and why biology is the ultimate basis for the expression of behavior in any living organism. The course will cover the anatomy of the nervous system by exploring the structures of the brain, spine and neurons, and will introduce the basic techniques used by biopsychologists. In addition, the biological foundations of the perceptual and sensorimotor systems will be covered. The course will also cover the plasticity of the brain and how damage to the brain can influence behavior. We will cover material on the biological basis of motivation, cognition and emotion. We will study how hormones influence behavior, and we will cover the biology of sleep. Lastly, the course will introduce pharmacology, and the neurology of stress and psychological disorders.


This module is about the biological aspects of psychology. A very content-heavy module! Slightly beneficial for people with biology background.

Lectures are recorded. Content taught in the lecture slides are very good for knowing what will be covered in exams. It is advised to use the lecture slides as framework to know what to study. Content in the lecture slides are actually adequate for the final exams, but reading the textbook will allow easier understanding of the content.

Readings consist of textbooks and lecture slides. Some content in the lecture slides are not found in textbook, and same applies vice versa, so do read both! In addition, since it is content-heavy, do keep up with the lecture pace.

Mid-terms are just MCQs and it is manageable if you have studied your lecture slides well. However, some options are rather similar so be careful to read properly.