AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

An individual's behaviour, thoughts and feelings are influenced by other people and by the social environment. This course examines topics such as basic concepts and theories, research techniques and current topic and findings in social psychology.


A module about how social influences affects people's thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Topics covered include aggression, prejudice, etc.

Readings are quite heavy, but a lot of the content are very applicable to real-life situations, so it is easy to understand.
Lecture content can mostly be found in the textbook, but interesting videos will be shown during the lectures, which can help you to understand the content better, so it is good to turn up for lectures.
Textbook is a MUST because exams will test on content in the textbook. Lecture notes is definitely inadequate.

Tutorial involves group presentations and discussions. Each group will have to present on an assigned journal article on a particular week, and submit a summary of the article. Since the journal articles will be tested in finals, it will be good to turn up for tutorials to attend the presentations as reading the journal articles can be quite taxing.

Group project involves literature review and analysis of a real-life phenomenon about a chosen theory. A report have to be submitted and presentation is required during the last tutorial.

For the exams, there will be a lot of application questions. Thus, understanding of the content is more important than memorising.