AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

The course will provide students with a basic background of evolutionary theory and how it may apply to the field of psychology. Training on evolutionary theory will address common misunderstandings and provide students with the necessary information so that they can think critically and independently about its relevance to understanding human behavior. During the course, we will see how evolutionary theory provides a theoretical framework for understanding basic survival strategies, sex and mating strategies, parenting and kinship, development, language, emotion, cooperation, conflict, aggression, warfare, social dominance, psychopathology, and other aspects of human behavior. The course will culminate in an effort to demonstrate how evolutionary theory can apply to all branches of psychology and to address the advantages and disadvantages that the evolutionary approach provides for advancing our understanding of mind and behavior.


This module is about the evolutionary aspects of psychology. For instance, how did sexual selection arise, why females prefer certain traits in males and vice versa, why mental disorders still exist despite being disadvantageous, etc. To me, it is an interesting module and can be quite intuitive.

Lectures are recorded. According to the professor, lectures are split into 1-hr sessions to allow better absorption of content. But it also means you have to come back for more days so it may not help in getting a "nice" timetable.

For tutorials. we only had around 6 tutorials in the semester. 3 of them are for debate discussions and lectures (because there are times when the lectures cannot be completed on time). The other 3 tutorials are for debates. In addition, quizzes take place during tutorials so you have to come for it.

Readings consist of textbooks and lecture slides. Alot of content in the lecture slides are not found in the textbook. The professor actually emphasises more on the lecture slides in his exams, except for long essays, in which I feel that the textbook helps more.

Mid-terms consist of alot of components as shown above. Even though its a 1-hr paper, but it is manageable if you manage your time well. Just do not overwrite for your essays and follow the guidelines from the prof.