AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

This class guides you in identifying, understanding and successfully managing various types of stress in our contemporary fast-paced lifestyle. Discover how stress affects your body, making it more prone to illness and poor performance. Based on scientific research, learn to become more stress-resistant through improving your self-awareness; changing your thinking habits; building a physical activity routine that suits you and the creation of relaxation with safe, simple and tested techniques like mental imagery. Apply research findings and enjoy the benefits of having greater control in the academic, social, family, spiritual and occupational components of your life.


This module is quite enjoyable as you have learned how about stress, as well as how to manage your personal stress. But personally I felt that this module is a bit unjust. Firstly, the quiz was conducted on week 9 and quiz result was released on week 12, right after the SU option was closed. So for people like me who worked hard and thought they do well but in the end flunked, we dont have much chance to redeem ourselves. I did quite good for my final exam, since Ive studied it more than my core modules. So what I can advise is, its hard to score for this module, but if you luckily got it, just SU.

one of the popular electives. CA 40% MCQ, exam 60%, 20% MCQ+ 20% short ans+ 20% essay. easy content. no video recording.

easy exam. understand the transactional theory of stress for the essay part.