AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

Work in the 21st Century, is characterised by competition on a global scale, where jobs are becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive and technology-driven, and where constant change is the rule rather than the exception. This course aims to provide students with an understanding of some areas of study within the field of behavioural science that are relevant and applicable to the work situation. Working in the 21st Century explores the role of socio-psychological factors among individual and work group behaviour as a basis for understanding our place in the work setting. The lecture topics present four areas of interest - personality and work, occupational health, learning-performance, and career development. While each section is designed to be a stand-alone module, all the four areas of study are fully integrated within the general context of the work situation in organisations. Empirical findings from applied research are used to explain psychological principles and concepts and the course emphasizes a practical approach to applying psychology in the workplace.


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