AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

Are you OK? We often ask each other this question. We are often concerned about the psychological well-being of our family members, friends, and, most importantly ourselves. In this course, we will discuss issues concerning psychological well-being and mental health in Singapore: the early signs of not being "OK", when you might need professional help, and where you might find the appropriate help. The course will be taught by a seasoned mental health practitioner in Singapore, in collaboration with our in-house faculty members.


As the module's name suggests, u are studying about mental illness and all that.The lecturer teaches quite interestingly. u wouldn't fall asleep so easily.One annoying thing is that he tends to call students to answer his questions. so make sure that u are paying attention during his lecture. Overall workload is negligible for this course. That's the reason why this module is one of the hottest electives

Tip:If u want to get high marks, better buy his book. He will get someone to sell it outside the LT during one of the lectures. After the exam, heard from others that the answers to the essay questions can be found in pointform in his book.too bad i never buy..

To score in this module, you have to do well for the quiz. This is because the final exam is very easy and the tips are already given in the lecture notes. In fact, you can even prepare your own answers and copy them into your exam script during the final exam.

For the quiz, the only way to score to own a smartphone (i.e. to be able to check answers online without being discovered. A.k.a. to cheat). It would be best to sit in the back rows as the inviligators won't be walking around to check. Most of the questions given in the MCQ quiz doesn't even exist inside any of the lecture slides. If you do not do well for the CA quiz, be prepared to SU this module as there is no way to remedy it (my lesson learnt from HP801). There are only two ways of score for quiz: either you take the extra effort to know everything about the module, or you cheat. However, I do not hold any liability for cheating as it will amount to expulsion from the university, so take this advice at your own risk. I decided to SU from the start, and did not want to run the risk of being expelled in my final year of study.