AU: 3.0
Programme: PSY(HSS)

In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, a student is often lost as to how and where to find jobs and how to manage one's career. This course will provide an introduction to the contemporary human resource management functions: employment, employee relations, training and development, performance systems, compensation, benefits, and human resource information systems. It is not the objective of this course to train students to be HRM managers, but to provide basic information for students to plan and manage their own careers.


Self-study elective no project, no attendance. Compared against listening to three hours of lecture from the moustachy lecturer, I feel it is better to stay at home and self-study. You have to be disciplined though. Rushing through 13 lectures is no joke.

HP8005 its all about managing potential and current employees in an organisation. For example, designing a job, recruitment, knowing how to reward employees, and employee training are some of the things covered in the lectures.

The lecture notes are pretty good for the mid-term quiz (60 True/False questions) but to score well for final exam, be sure to construct your answers beforehand and memorise them, and also read up on recent news on strikes, dissatisfaction of employees, etc

I think this elective requires quite large amount of effort. Again, it's memorising work as well and the mid-term consists of 20% 60 true-false and final paper consists of 80% 20 true-false and essay questions. You can self-study at home without listening to the lectures.