AU: 3.0
Programme: PHIL(HSS)

This course is an introduction to selected problems of enduring philosophical importance. We begin by considering whether it can be rational to believe in the existence of God. This discussion is followed by a unit on the possibility, foundations, and limits of human knowledge. The next unit concerns issues in the philosophy of mind. We ask whether or not states of mind?e.g., conscious thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc.- are purely physical states of the brain/body, and nothing more. We also discuss what it means for a person to have an ?identity.? Another unit explores competing perspectives on whether or not human beings have free will. Finally, we study a sampling of topics in moral philosophy, such as skepticism about morality, proposed standards of morally right conduct, and the nature of a just society. Students will learn a variety of concepts developed to clarify these matters. They will also be exposed to diverse philosophical perspectives, including both Western and non-Western approaches. In addition, students will be challenged to articulate wellreasoned answers to the main questions of the course.